1. Unit 1 Astronomical Prologue
  2. Unit 2 Astronomical Distance 1
  3. Unit 3 Astronomical Distance
  4. Unit 4 Astronomical Distance
  5. Unit 5 Astronomical Distance
  6. Unit 6 Astronomical Distance
  7. Unit 7 Astronomical Distance
  8. Unit 8 Astronomical Distance
  9. Unit 9 Astronomical Epiloque

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All Tracks are composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by
Erik Seifert

5.0 out of 5 stars
Just the right balance. This is an under-rated space music gem!
Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2019
I listen to, stream, and create a lot of ambient music. However, this is probably the ambient album (or "space music" album) that I return to with the greatest frequency. I've been known to just let it loop over and over three or four times without getting bored.
While this is a "live performance" at a planetarium show, it is also obviously composed and very well organized. The robotic and relatively sparse robotic voice narrates facts about distances within the solar system in a way that can draw the listener in (particularly because parts of it are very difficult to understand, requiring concentration) but does not blow the chill out vibe of the music. One of the more difficult balancing acts in "space music," in my opinion, is a balance between too much melody and variation and too little. Too much, and the music drifts toward a techno house music feel, particularly when there are beats, and too little and it can be too static to keep the listeners' attention. There's no right or wrong here, mind you. I enjoy drones more than most listeners, but also like changing textures and use of melody when the mood is right.
This genre can be hard to evaluate since the listener experience depends largely on context and mood. But it's my evaluation that Erik Seifert hit all the right marks in creating a sonic journey through the solar system. The listener can visualize a trip or just enjoy the sonic pads as "background" music. Either way, it's a satisfying trip.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Want To Know What Planetarium Music Is All About, Then Listen To This!
Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2009
When I listen to this CD late at night, alone, It doesn't take long before I'm out there, circulating in orbit. This is indeed astonishing space music of the highest order available. But despite that, I still consider this CD to be more of a long seamless 'Intro' to what's coming next. And bear in mind, this is a "Live" recording, recorded live at 'Bochum Planetarium'.
The Opening Track called 'Prologue' is a very evocative piece, and contains some very nice shimmerings and sampled voices throughout which stands out from the rest of the tracks. Also some superb high quality 'explosions' can be heard, and it doesnt take long before you get immersed and transported to a faraway land, or more likely, deep space.
'Prologue' is followed by another 8 tracks, and each of them rolls into one another and makes this album a non-stop cosmic journey. Everything is so well structured and follows the concept of this album in a gorgeous way all the way through. To be honest, I've never heard anything like it before!.
To mention a highlight on this CD, then it would be the incredible track 'Astronomincal Distance 3'. A highly effective and floating piece, which contains some very haunting/lush sounds and creative synthesised speech that is indeed captivating. This album is absolutely well done, and I can't see one single reason not to buy it if you are a hard-core fan of spacious music with some sampled speech thrown in the mix.
Start here if you want to know what Planetarium Music is all about, and after this, continue your voyage with Telomere's album 'Zoetosis'. Life will never become the same again!
Don't hesitate. This is a MUST HAVE CD!